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7 Advantages of Social Media Marketing for any business

  • December 14, 2020
  • 7 Mins Read

21st century is blessed with some amazing social media platforms that act like magic wands to #MakeBigHappen for every brand. These platforms have opened doors to limitless opportunities for your brand to engage with audiences more meaningfully. An effective Social Media strategy not only builds your brand’s online image but also improves engagement levels to a great extent. Let’s look at some of the key aspects that need to be considered while devising and executing a social media marketing plan.


1. Enhances Brand Presence

The markets keep evolving every day and the competition also keeps getting tougher as new brands and companies keep emerging. Brand presence is very essential to ensure that your customers and target audience identify with your products and services. Social media not only creates brand awareness among your target audience but also helps in penetrating through a larger audience base. When you create a page for your business, it is important to establish the brand’s image or identity in a profound and effective way to get the message across and create the right kind of impact.


2. Helps Build Relevant Conversations

The role of social media is to engage at a deeper level with your target audience and other stakeholders. By creating memorable stories around your brand, you will slowly start engaging with the target audience which will make them come back to you for more. You should always be ready for any kind of feedback, be it negative or positive, you must answer and resolve each query, and that’s the only way you can gain the customer’s trust. Apart from that, these days, there are many opportunities that various social media platforms provide, using which you can develop User Generated Content to interact with your audience. Be it polls, stories, or contests, there are several ways in which you can build conversations or create a buzz. Moment marketing is another strategy that has a ripple effect and can be used effectively to kickstart these conversations.


3. Helps a Brand Connect with the Audience Through Social Listening

It is very crucial for brands and businesses to keep their eyes and ears open all the time. Social media marketing is all about constantly being on your toes to find out what your audiences around the world are talking about at this very moment. Make the most of ingenious social listening tools to join conversations or be a part of more relevant ones, so that you ensure you are not missing out on a chance to interact with your target audience. Being in sync with Brand tonality is crucial if you want to build meaningful conversations with your audience. The more your brand speaks the way your customers do, the higher are the chances that they would want to engage with you.


4. Enables You to Create Memorable Brand Stories

Gone are the days when merely outdoor and traditional advertising were used to create brand stories. Today, you have plenty of opportunities and various mediums that would take your brand to new heights. Social media has become a vital component of every brand’s marketing objective. These platforms can not only be used to tell your brand story in a unique way but also to show the world how your brand has evolved over the years. By running social media campaigns that are intelligently intertwined with your brand’s original voice and philosophy, you are invariably going to develop memorable stories that touch the lives and hearts of your audience. Social media gives you a chance to let more and more people know your real identity. When they start identifying these stories, they will slowly start understanding what values your brand or company stands for. By executing clutter-breaking social media campaigns, they would feel more connected with your brand and with the values you have inculcated.


5. Helps in Optimizing your Online Campaigns

Always make sure that your campaign achieves the desired output. Social media platforms not only provide you with a detailed report about your campaign but also help you to understand what went wrong when the campaign is active. A/B testing is one of the methods where you can test your ads on different sets of audiences and see which performs best and gives you the desired results. Analyzing these reports at a regular interval is crucial for running a successful campaign. By deep-diving into these data points that you gather through research, you can fine-tune your campaigns even further by making the necessary changes. Social media campaigns give you a chance to understand customer behavior at a deeper level. Based on their interest, demographics, and engagement levels, you can weave your next campaign and make necessary changes to optimize the existing ones.


6. Improves Customer Satisfaction

A happy customer is a loyal customer and in turn, he is your brand ambassador. His reviews about your brand totally depend on how you treat them. Make sure that your brand has a grievance redressal procedure in place so that complaints and negative reviews are addressed at the earliest. Social media has become a major ORM channel since many customers engage with your brands on these platforms to improve the company’s online reputation significantly. The more difficult it is for your customer to reach out to you, the more frustrated they would get in the long run. It is also important to be prompt and quick when it comes to replies. If you keep your customers waiting for a long time, they might keep escalating their complaints. Customer satisfaction should be one of the topmost priorities for every business. However, it’s also a very big responsibility. Not just complaints, it’s also important for brands to appreciate the good comments that come their way.


7. Increases Customer Loyalty in the Long Run

It is said that acquisition is six times more expensive than retention. The customer journey from awareness to consideration to conversion takes a lot of effort from both the brand side as well as the customer end. By conversing with your audience and building your relationship with them on a regular basis, they will become your loyal customers over a period of time. When you give your audience the respect and attention that they deserve, they will automatically want to interact more with you. Moreover, by sharing links to your blogs or e-commerce portals, you can increase traffic and thereby sales, to a certain extent. The idea is to grab the attention of your audience and serve them the information that they are looking for. Social channels are a great way to increase organic as well as referral traffic. A well-thought social media strategy can add value to your SEO strategy as well.

By investing the right amount of time, energy, and money in effective social media strategies, you will be able to reach out to a larger audience and engage with them to develop more meaningful conversations. At the end of the day, your audience has a very short attention span. To make the right impression, your social media strategy needs to be useful, engaging, captivating, and out-of-the-box at the same time.


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