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7 ‘BIG’ mobile marketing trends to look out for in 2021

  • June 29, 2021
  • 5 Mins Read

The market for mobile phones, especially smartphones, is growing at the blink of an eye. With this steady growth, it is estimated that smartphones are going to be a part of 3.8 billion people’s lives by the year 2021. Being a smart device that almost manages its owner’s daily life, be it business, social life or entertainment, such kind of exposure is non-passable by marketers like us. So here at Big Trunk, we believe that while current mobile marketing terms are still relevant, the following 7 trends will make it more effective.

Application Marketing
Apps help us to achieve work quickly and keep us entertained. With Big Trunk’s vast experience of building apps for top brands, it can be easily said that App marketing will gain more popularity in 2021. Google has now started showing the apps with its content in the search option. Almost all apps rely on advertising as their monetary resource. With the evolution of Instagram Reels, Stories on Facebook, and Instagram, passing (passive) advertisements are growing and will dominate the future. Showing effective and relevant ads to the App users based on their interests will make a big difference.

Armed with artificial intelligence and pre-programmed scripts, their motive is to interact with customers. These bots can answer FAQs and can learn more through collated data and further improvise. While they serve and support customers round the clock, brands can learn more about their customers and can drive more engagement to open new possibilities. Big Trunk has successfully launched similar Chatbots for its service industry clients, generating them more client base and revenues.

Geotargeting and Geofencing
With the current limited mobility faced by people due to the pandemic, Geotargeted ads will be beneficial in an attempt to market local or nearby goods to the customer. 30% of Google searches are location-based. Not only it benefits the customer, but also the small businesses of the vicinity. In the future, though such customers are bound to go outside of their borders, once this pandemic scare eases out. Basis of the current location of the consumer (Geofencing), local marketing ads as messages or banners can be pushed to increase brand awareness and increase customer base

Mobile commerce
The pandemic has made people locked inside their homes and glued to their phones. Online purchases and food orders made through mobile phones have grown exponentially and there seems to be no stopping. Social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have already established platforms with marketing tools. We at Big Trunk have already engaged with new social engagement and food delivery apps that want to monetize on the same.

Mobile commerce
The New Normal has left all the Siris, Alexas, Google Voice, and Cortanas of the world, working overtime. The popularity of voice searches has grown, given its convenience and with people being at ease in their homes. As per the study, 27% of the global audience uses voice search. Certain tone and keywords can be set according to the liking of the users. Image search is another convenience. Just take an image and search it through web servers to find out where we can buy it!

Augmented Reality
Another emerging trend, Augmented Reality is a new frontier for driving marketing and sales strategies. Brands can offer a unique experience to consumers through AR, to try the products before they can purchase them. Be it clothing, a new car, or a wall paint which they have been dreaming of for their home. One can try these products on your mobile phone, before heading out to the store!

Digital Payments
Apps with digital payment options are designed to be user-centric and they can help brands to build analytics patterns like time of purchase, recommended items in cart, and repeat purchases. Most of the brand sales are now driven through apps and digital payments, and with cashless future and considering the security of debit and credit cards, mobile digital payments are going to proliferate.

So, to sum it up, the new normal has made brands to take stock of the current situation and adapt to it. Mobile Marketing is driven by customer wants and needs and we at Big Trunk, are creating the immersive engagement that clients always desire. Building brands with businesses and reaching out to end consumers through different touchpoints and emerging mobile marketing techniques, will be the new trends of 2021.


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