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8 Copywriting Tips for Effective Content Marketing

  • February 4, 2022
  • 6 Mins Read

Got 2 minutes? I bet most of us don’t. That’s how short our attention span is. Some have a zoom meeting lined up, some are thinking of the next Netflix series to binge-watch. While our brains are working overtime to decipher these hurricanes inside our heads, where’s the time to read copy?

Copy that! – Time is precious, and every word has a currency associated with it.

So, as modern-day copywriters, you gotta make every word count. Period.

The Digital World is like a T-20 match where the time window to catch your reader’s attention is much shorter. Go all guns blazing with the right content marketing strategy from the WORD go.

While the lockdown has taken a toll on our vital stats, let’s look at some of the most essential aspects to ensure your copy is in good shape.

Customer insight

No matter how good a writer you are, your perception about a brand may not be aligned with the brand’s actual identity. Assumptions have no place in the world of content marketing, and so you have to put yourself in the customer’s shoes to understand their mindset, their expectations from the brand and the real-world scenarios they experience on a day-to-day basis. With this understanding and insight, you will be well-equipped to write effective copy.

Brand tonality

Next up is brand tonality. It’s more like a subset of customer insight as your primary research will make you aware of how the target audience thinks and converses. Keep it simple. Talk the way they would. Big words are great for Spell Bee championships, not so much for great copy. Content marketing is all about catching the pulse of your audience by being a part of them, rather than imposing a communication line that they wouldn’t relate with.

Being unpredictable, yet within the limits

No one wants to be served the same salad every single day for 365 days a year. But a salad lover wouldn’t want to be served a Pizza either if he hates Pizza. As a writer, you must know where to explore new possibilities and where to draw the line. Mark your boundaries with the rich customer insight that you’ve gained through your research and then play your game within those boundaries.

Intriguing and interactive

The internet is flooded with information, why would someone consume the same information from you then? Because it’s not just plain information, because it’s also intriguing and has a story behind it. And always remember, copywriting is never a one-way highway. You have to put your guard down and allow your audience to be a part of your brand story. And being interactive is the only way out.

Looking for inspiration

Every copy assignment is a learning experience. Inspiration may strike a writer in many ways. It could be a good book, or a conversation with a friend or an experience that unlocked a new perspective. Apart from that, there are hundreds and thousands of great campaigns that you can take inspiration from. All of this gets stored in your mind at a subconscious level which unfurls every time you put pen to paper. In a way, we can say that Copywriting is also about rich life experiences.

Self-belief Vs Over confidence

Self-belief is one virtue that helps writers thrive through good and bad days. Doesn’t matter if your copy isn’t working this time, it’s the self-belief that helps you bounce back and keep at it day in and day out. On the other hand, there’s a very thin line between confidence and over-confidence. Taking feedback positively and not feeding the writer’s ego is also important to work on your weaknesses, discard your initial drafts and start afresh again.

The marriage of words and visuals

Visual is the key for any powerful piece of marketing content. Always discover ways to play with words along with a strong visual appeal. This is how you can make your copy more impactful. In fact, research suggests that visuals have a far-reaching effect on the mind, when compared to words. As copywriters, we have to play cupid between words and visuals so that the synergy is maintained.

Valuing every word

It’s not about how much you write, it’s about how well you’ve written. Brevity, clarity, and uniqueness is what turns a normal copy into an interesting one. Keep it simple, concise and to the point. Your customers are intelligent, they’ll understand where you are coming from; you don’t have to always spoon feed them with extra information.

And finally, the one rule you must always follow is – break the rules. That’s how you will end up exploring unexplored paths and unlocking fresher copywriting mantras.

Looking for effective copy writing services? Just drop us a message, and we will #MakeBigHappen. You can take our WORD for it!


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