A Great SEO Strategy is Defined by Thorough Audience Understanding

  • November 8, 2021
  • 4 Mins Read

Search Engine Optimization is all about ensuring that your content or website is discoverable by your target audience. To achieve this objective, it becomes crucial to understand your audience at a much deeper level. Many of the SEO companies in Mumbai will provide a detailed SEO plan with an elaborate list of keywords to be targeted, but TG research is essential to put together an effective SEO strategy that improves organic search rankings in the long run. Big Trunk is an SEO agency in Andheri that focuses on understanding the likes and interests of your target audience, their search patterns and customer behavior to come up with an SEO strategy that is tailor-made to achieve the set marketing objectives. Once we identify the triggers and buying patterns, we create relevant content to engage with the specified Target Audience and eventually convert them.

Analytics and Social Listening
Analyzing the type of content your target audience engages with, is the first step to understanding their likes and interests. Our SEO experts use tools like Google Analytics effectively to infer the demographics of the TG visiting the website. They also look closely at the links that have the maximum number of visits every day. Over the years, we have become one of the most result-oriented SEO companies in Mumbai because we carefully monitor the kind of engagement that every post is garnering. We also keep an eye on the mentions that our clients have received on social media. By observing competitor social media handles, product reviews, forums and comments, our team gets a deep insight into the customer behavior patterns that are important for churning out relevant content accordingly.

Competition analysis
Before working on an SEO plan, our experts spend time analyzing the competitor’s social media pages and websites minutely. We then take a close look at top results as per the queries or keywords related to your brand. Backed by this detailed analysis, we chalk out an SEO strategy with the most appropriate list of targeted keywords and then start creating captivating content to attract the right TG. Competition research is like a doorway to understanding the kind of questions your audience is asking on Search Engines and the nature of answers they are expecting from the content that you are putting out on the internet. By bridging the gap between your content and the results expected by your audience, we focus on ensuring that the relevant keywords start performing organically.

Understanding Search Data
Since we take into account all the possible data points for understanding the TG, we have gradually earned our name as one of the most trusted SEO companies in Mumbai. Searches coming to, and going from the website, give us an insight into the type of TG. Apart from that, backlinks and traffic driven by Social Media handles are also monitored. This helps in understanding the customer better and segmenting the audience more accurately. Once we categorize the audience based on their likes and interests, we come up with a targeted and effective SEO strategy with a more refined keyword list.
We start working on our SEO plan only after completing detailed research about the competition and search data. Get in touch with our experts to start your brand’s SEO journey today!


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