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Causevertising in the times of Change!

  • September 2, 2022
  • 5 Mins Read

When an ad crosses the dimensions of a banner, prompts you to take action and spark a societal change, is when you have weaved a story for the ages!’ – Anonymous

Does a brand need to associate itself with a higher purpose? Should a brand associate itself with a cause with the risk of distancing itself from its core message? And should a brand stand up and spark a change rather than selling its product or service? Well, yes, yes and maybe yes!

Causevertising, many believe, is the need of the hour. Pioneered by household names such as Tata Tea and Ariel, associating itself with a cause that has a strong connection in our daily routine has become the norm in today’s post-pandemic era. Bring a customer-centric Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai, BigTrunk believes in understanding the target audience inside-out, and has executed several impactful Causverting related campaigns.

Pause for a Purpose

A purpose-led message is an integral part of a brand’s proposition breaking the clutter and cementing the brand and the ad’s position amidst the competition. In a time and age, when we are drowned by an information overload, consumers hate to see ads that follow the regular chest-beating approach.

Cut to causevertising; making the most of the interactive social medium, a movement-led trend which focuses on building a better world. Emotional stories that strike a chord have always been the favorite for every advertiser. Most brands gravitate towards communication that focuses on a societal change narrative especially during festivals or events associated with a
larger-than-life cause.

If done correctly, without the brand’s messaging not being lost, causevertising is a brilliant approach to grab eyeballs while connecting with a larger audience. BigTrunk is a Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai that has earned its name over the years through its insight-led social campaigns that make a difference. Mujhe Roke Na Koi was one such impactful campaign that was strategized and executed for RBL Bank in Association with Udbhav School to promote importance of Girl Child Education. The campaign outperformed its expectations and enabled the client to generate more funds in the form of donations for charity.

Ghadi detergents campaign respecting daily wage laborers and Tata Tea’s Jaago Re campaign have got it right with statements that compelled the audience to relate with the cause. Ariel’s Share the Load campaign too managed to set the views registering with its pragmatic view.

The Thin Line Between Causevertising and Controversy-Seeking!

It’s important the brand has a thorough understanding of the audience-sentiment before associating itself with a cause. This was the case with ads from reputed brands like Manyavar, Tanishq, Surf Excel, and FabIndia, when they sparked a controversy leading to their ads never being seen on the world wide web.
This is precisely why brand advocates advise to weave the cause as a part of the overall strategy and not just the campaign, failing which might lead to mass outrage and potential backlash. Every responsible Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai must ensure that they are not crossing the line while executing such cause-led campaigns, which may attract desirable responses from the audience.

A perfect fit between the brand and the cause

Quite recently, we executed the Save the Soil campaign for Bhima UAE, a renowned jewelry brand with stores across prominent locations in Dubai. The Save the Soil campaign initiated on World Environment Day, struck a chord with the Indian diaspora living in the Emirates and urged them to lend their support to the cause of Save the Soil by gifting an earthen Gullak which symbolizes saving. Through cause-based campaigns like these, BigTrunk has earned its name and trust from its clients, as one of the leading Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai.

The campaign was appreciated by several radio stations and consumers who loved the initiative proving the fact that a purpose when it comes to Causevertising is one that goes beyond advertising, marketing and CSR and one that resonates with both, the stakeholders and the consumers.

If you are looking a Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai to create brand stories that connect with a cause and the audience, reach out to us at [email protected]


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