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Digital Marketing Agency in Canada

  • October 6, 2022
  • 5 Mins Read

Full Service Digital Marketing Agency in Canada. That’s what we are. We make Big Happen!

Are you the First Click?

The world, today, is digital. Your product or brand is in a constant race with your competitors. When the customer searches for what you have on offer, are you the ‘first click’ that he makes on his website or mobile phone? We make every product or brand the ‘First Click’ for the relevant target audience. To make it happen, we offer an integrated suite of digital marketing services for top cities across Canada like Ontario, Toronto, Montreal and many more. Our bouquet of services include digital strategy and media planning, creative efforts to make ideas come to life, and continual and contextual engagement with customers to augment brand recall.
Are you ready to be the ‘First Click’? Are you ready to make Big Happen?
Let’s start right away!

Our Services:

Our Strategy teams work on two key aspects – Digital Marketing Strategy and Digital Media Planning and Buying

Digital Marketing Strategy

Your Digital Presence is not on the world wide web. It’s in the customer’s mind.
That’s where we place you. That’s what our strategy is all about – Transforming your digital presence into brand recall to accelerate growth of your business. If you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver or any other major cities in Canada, you can vouch for us!

Digital Media Planning and Buying

Brand visibility is important. Relevant brand visibility is more important.
Is your product or brand seen exactly where your target audience is?
Allow us to do it for you. We do it well!


We are Story Tellers. We think big! And we use technology to make it bigger!

Digital Creative Development:

We communicate experiences that are associated with your product or brand through our creativity. It resonates with your customer’s preferences and garners mindshare for you.

Website Development and Design:

A website is your best employee. It your brand’s first interface with your customers and key stakeholders. We make it immersive, interactive, and engaging.

App Development:

We enable you to curate the best customer experience. We will create apps with user journeys that help you to seamlessly acquire, engage, and retain customers and enhance customer lifetime value for your product or brand.


What’s the point of a digital presence if it is not engaging, entertaining, and interesting.
Yes, our Engagement services makes your digital presence exactly that.
Here’s how:

Social Media Marketing : 

We treat your brand or product like a human being. We give it a character and make it interact with your customers.

Search Engine Optimization : 

We won’t get you on Page 1 for every search. But we will top the ranking for every relevant search for your product or brand. That’s why we are different!

Search Engine Marketing : 

We ensure that your marketing dollars are used judiciously to derive optimum value from search campaigns. The best RoI is our mantra!

Mobile Marketing : 

We enable your brand to ride pillion with your customer and constantly talk to them on their smartphone. We empower your brand or product to delight the customer.

Online Reputation Management :

We help your brand to charm the audience each time they interact with it. With use of technology, we ensure that we track every interaction and convert it into brand loyalty for you.

Influencer Marketing :

How about getting the best people in your domain vouch for your product/ brand? Our influencer marketing services do exactly that for you!

Why Choose Big Trunk?
When we decide to engage, we think of your brand as ours. We want to be with your brand from when it starts the journey towards a customer to the point of them buying it and much beyond. If you are in the lookout for a 360-degree digital marketing agency in Canada, then BigTrunk is where you will find all the services under one umbrella!
A full-service digital marketing agency that dreams BIG for your product or brand. That is us – Big Trunk.

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