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  • October 10, 2022
  • 5 Mins Read

Did You Know? There are two types of searches in the world – A ‘normal’ search and a ‘relevant’ search! We separate the relevant from the normal.
Make your brand the result of a relevant search. Make Big Happen with ‘Big Trunk’.

We are not a digital agency. We are a full-service digital marketing agency. And the difference is what creates a distinguished brand.

In today’s digital world, there’s too much noise. It’s not the plain and simple SEO anymore and getting you to the top of the rankings that will matter. It is about curating the desired customer journeys and understanding points of relevance. It is about making your brand appear as the top result of a contextual search. It is about ensuring that every contextual search will lead to a prospect or customer landing on the website. It’s this thought that will make big happen for your brand. If you are looking for digital marketing services in New York, Manhattan, Queens, or any other major city in the USA, then Bigtrunk is where you will find the best combination of strategy and expertise to achieve the desired outcomes.

How do we do it?

We make every product or brand the ‘First Click’ for the relevant target audience and a search that has your brand or product as a very suitable answer. To make it happen, we offer an integrated suite of digital marketing services which includes digital strategy and media planning, creative efforts to make ideas come to life, and continual and contextual engagement with customers to augment brand recall.

Are you ready to be the answer for the most relevant searches around your product or brand? Are you ready to engage with the prospect or customer across digital media holistically?

Would you be interested in creating engaging and immersive story experiences with your customers?

Let’s start right away!

While we are a full-service digital marketing agency offering services across major cities in the USA like New York, Brooklyn, Manhattan etc. here’s what our key focus areas would be: –

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services –

How about getting every relevant search to land on your website and go through your lead generation funnel? How about optimizing the dollars spent on SEO by adding ‘search relevance’ to it?

That’s what our SEO services are about. It is about the entire story of the customer’s digital journey and engagement across all points in time. Our SEO services are not siloed. They work in unison with our social media strategies and are supported by our very strong content creation services to resonate well with the customer who has what you offer in mind!

Social Media Marketing –

Human beings connect with stories that they can relate to. We make your brand relatable on social media. We make it humble, interesting, and engaging by creating snackable content around your brand.

Let’s make your brand addictive. Let’s make big happen!

Digital Media Strategy:

Would we place you in the best and most cost-effective channels? Well, that’s not our mission, that may be a part of the output.

Our mission is to ensure that your brand is present where the customer’s mind wants to travel. That’s how we build relevant brand recall. That’s what converts prospects into customers and customers into brand loyalists.

Let’s begin this exciting journey today.

We provide end-to-end digital marketing services for brands in top cities in the USA like New York, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens etc. To know how our services work in an integrated manner, drop your email ID/ contact number here and we will talk to you soon!!

Why Choose Big Trunk?

When we decide to engage, we think of your brand as ours. We want to be with your brand from when it starts the journey towards a customer to the point of them buying it and much beyond.

A full-service digital marketing agency that dreams BIG for your product or brand. That is us – Big Trunk.


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