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Digital Marketing for BFSI- Banking and Insurance Industry

  • August 26, 2021
  • 5 Mins Read

The BFSI sector or The Banking and insurance industry is one of the main pillars of any economy. Any fluctuation in these industries directly impacts the monetary spinal cord of the economy. After the recession back in 2008, which proved the power of these two industries to make or break any economy, the Banking and insurance industry started to explore the digital space to promote and sell financial products online.
Nowadays, you can easily find BFSI brands digitally marketing their financial services or products online. The increasing concept of BFSI digital Marketing can be attributed to expansion in the number of Internet users and increasing competition in the industry.

How can Big Trunk Communications help your business?
We, at Big Trunk Communication, help you to meet your digital marketing objectives and get a competitive edge over your rivals. Our expert team at our digital marketing agency in Delhi is committed and passionate to curate such digital marketing plans that help you generate leads. We believe in making digital marketing for banks, insurance companies “big” in every aspect of your campaign.
We understand as much as financial products are lucrative, it is equally hard to translate marketing efforts into sales considering the ignorant or passive nature of the customers. If you’re also a player from the BFSI sector seeking an effective digital marketing plan and strategy, then you can avail of the services at our digital marketing services in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and other locations.

Who can hatch the benefits from our BFSI Digital Marketing services?
Our Digital Marketing agency in Bangalore serves you with varied digital marketing needs. Our professional team of experts has deeper insight and understanding of the BFSI sector and guides you on how to maneuver your marketing strategy in the industry. Several players who will be hatching the benefits from our digital marketing services are as follows:
● Commercial banks and NBFCs:
The proliferation in Digital Marketing in the banking industry is clear evidence of the Spill up effect of digitalization. We, at Big Trunk Communication, help you to optimize your search engine rankings and increase your visibility on the Internet space. It’s no hidden fact that the banking sector is stuffed with a lot of competition, each player offering a more or less similar financial product.

This leaves no chance for any bank to stand out when NBFCs too joined the race. However, with our experts at our digital marketing agency in Pune, we help you restore confidence among the customers by undertaking financial services on your behalf.

● Insurance companies and agents:
Long gone are the days when insurance agents have to struggle hard to sell insurance policies by reaching out to the doorsteps of many. The onset of digitalization eased out the said task for companies.

Our digital marketing agency in Delhi helps you to design such marketing plans and strategies that help you to upscale your visibility in search engine results through varied marketing techniques.

● Financial Aggregators and Fintech:
The evolution in the financial service sector has led to the emergence of fintech companies and financial aggregators. While the fintech companies are actively involved in making use of technology to innovate financial products, financial aggregators consolidate all financial information and present it to clients.
If you’re a company from either of these two and want to make room for yourself amongst BFSI players, then you can avail of the services at our digital marketing agency in Mumbai and overcome the challenges posed by BFSI.

What are the challenges faced by BFSI?
1. Higher cost to acquire customers:
The conventional method of advertising or personal selling of insurance policies involves a higher customer acquisition cost. Not only this, it becomes difficult to track or find the factors that lead to ignorance or conversion.
As a result, it leads to a downscale of ROI of the company. But our Big Trunk Communication’s digital marketing for the insurance sector helps you to lessen the effect of initial higher cost through our marketing strategy which meets your objectives.

2. Building brand trust in a competitive market
In the competitive world, one of the biggest challenges BFSI faces is building a trustworthy relationship with clients. Much of this can be attributed to the risk associated with financial products as no one wants to put their hard-earned money at stake. That’s where our digital marketing agency in Bangalore helps you to align your digital marketing campaign with trust.

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The growing competitiveness and need to innovate ways to market the product has led to the expansion of digital marketing. So, if you are also a player or prospective player in the BFSI sector, then don’t wait, unlock target-specific and objective-centric digital Marketing strategies and plans with our Digital Marketing agency in Pune.


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