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How Artificial Intelligence Has Become a Game Changer in Digital Marketing

  • November 17, 2021
  • 5 Mins Read

Artificial Intelligence has transformed the way industries across different sectors function today. It has also revolutionized the sphere of Digital Marketing in a big way. With the help of AI technologies, marketers can now collect relevant data, analyze it, and then use it effectively to run result-oriented campaigns that are focused on the marketing objectives of the brand. Let’s find out how these new systems create a big impact for brands in this fast-changing landscape of the digital marketing world.

Understanding Customer Behavior
Businesses today around the world have become more and more customer-centric in nature. CRM systems have gained prominence because they are implemented to collect relevant customer information which is later used to relook at marketing strategies. When combined with Big Data and AI technology, brands can use these CRM systems to decipher a lot about their target audience more accurately. Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing can help understand customer behaviour and psyche, for example, the kind of products they like to buy, the type of websites they visit, the content they like browsing on social media, their preferences and likes etc. Our Marketing and advertising experts are always looking at ways to finetune campaigns using this information to improve performance and ROI. We also run strategic AI-based digital ads for our clients which are targeted based on age, gender, interests, buying capacity, income groups, location and much more. AI makes it easier for our team of expert digital marketers to spot or predict microtrends, based on which they allocate their budgets intelligently and maximize the campaign’s performance.

Innovative and Interactive Ads
Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing can create immersive experiences for online customers. With increasing competition, brands are always looking to stand out from the rest by executing some clutter-breaking ad campaigns. We at Big Trunk have executed several impactful campaigns for well-known brands by engaging the audience in an immersive experience through AR and VR innovations. Sky is the limit when it comes to innovative AR/VR ads, where the target audience interacts with the ad through camera, voice, touch, clicks etc. thus creating a memorable experience that stays with the end customer for a long time. This eventually helps brands to build a strong identity and a loyal customer base.

AI chatbots
Quality customer service is imperative for any business to function successfully in today’s times. All queries, complaints and requests must be attended to promptly. This is where AI chatbots have literally turned the tables. These chatbots can be programmed to respond to all generic queries or complaints in a systematic manner without any delays. This makes customers feel special as they are reassured that the brand is considerate, humble and listening to them. Moreover, these systems can handle a heavy load of customer requests 24X7, thus reducing the TAT of resolving customer complaints greatly. Customers also have the option to choose a language they are comfortable with while chatting with AI chatbots, making the experience even more personalized.

AI for Email & Content Marketing
AI can be used effectively to run personalized email marketing campaigns. The subject, message and recommendations can be chosen based on the customer behaviour. Apart from that, you can shoot your emails, based on certain triggers or programmed actions. Our digital marketing experts use information derived from Artificial Intelligence systems to monitor and alter email campaigns for better performance. We also believe in AB testing of email campaigns to analyze which format is working best for our clients. Same is the case with content marketing. We analyze the type of content that is being consumed by our clients’ target audience across digital platforms and social media channels using AI technology. This helps our content creators to be in sync with trends and customer sentiments which is essential for creating relevant and high-impact content.
Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing has opened doors to new possibilities. Brands must leverage the power of AI so they can stay ahead of their competitors and #MakeBigHappen. Get in touch with our experts to know more about our AI-driven digital marketing solutions.


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