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Moment Marketing Works Like Magic for Every Brand That Wants to Stay Relevant

  • December 10, 2020
  • 4 Mins Read

Being in the moment is always beneficial, both in life, as well as in the world of marketing. That’s the reason why, more and brands are riding the wave of moment marketing to amplify their core messaging or improve their presence and reach. In the recent past, online trends have stolen the limelight across all social media platforms. The new-age content consumer pays close attention to these trends and takes an active part in various kinds of conversations. Brands are not afraid to speak their mind in such scenarios and intelligently communicate their ideology or offerings through these trends.

Gone are the old days of the traditional approach in marketing

There was a time when companies only talked about their products and services on social media. However, there is an increasing need to be more customer-centric while coming up with marketing strategies. One needs to closely analyze customer behavior, trending topics, and buying patterns. One-way communication looks forced at different levels and fails to create the right kind of impact. Customer interaction is vital to improve visibility and reach, which is why the traditional means of marketing is gradually becoming irrelevant.

Why brands need to be right here and chase trends

From news to gossip, people have their own ways to express what they feel online and moment marketing in India is catching up at an impressive pace. The smallest of topics can turn into a trend in no time and the youth today is constantly engaged in these topical activities. A lot of brands want to capitalize on these trends and make their presence felt by becoming a part of people’s lives and connecting with them emotionally. Many of them also create interesting campaigns revolving around these talking points to become more relatable. However, if you are late and fail to deliver at the right moment, you might miss a big opportunity.

Moment marketing is your window to connect and grow as a brand

Featured Snippets is a good way to connect with your audience in an interesting way. Here, your customers search for answers through a search engine, and your videos are suggested to the user as an appropriate answer. Many brands support a noble cause openly and promote their campaigns across all social media platforms. Coca Cola’s ‘Zero Racism’ campaign is one of the finest moment marketing examples where they supported the Swedish footballer Durmaz in the FIFA World Cup. It’s also vital to research the how’s, why’s, and what’s of what people are searching about your product to come up with a more effective moment marketing strategy. You can also suggest products and services using in-app advertisements that are placed intelligently on trending videos. The travel industry takes advantage of micro-moments such as canceled or delayed flights by displaying relevant ads for hotel and flight bookings. The Gaming industry also keeps a track of the most talked-about events to promote their new releases strategically. Businesses are using puns to associate themselves with an ongoing offline event or trend. It is also important to understand your audience’s emotions and expectations for which you must be equipped with the right data. Precaution should be taken to ensure that these activities aren’t aimed at hurting sentiments, but only for increasing curiosity or engagement levels.

The impact of moment marketing depends on how relevant the messaging is, both for the brand, as well as the customers. There is a need to connect with the audience at a deeper level and become a part of their day-to-day experiences or conversations. Every moment can be considered as a touchpoint to interact with your target audience. Brands are not just about the products or services they offer, they are the stories that they represent, and by using moment marketing for brands, these incredible stories can be brought out in the public domain. Going forward, more and more brands will jump onto the bandwagon of moment marketing to make a lasting impression.

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