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We enable brands to become their customer’s constant companions. Know more about our App Development Services.

We transform the customer experience by ensuring that your brand is omnipresent and responsive 24*7*365.

The digital age has left brands with no choice but to pamper the customer to no end. The customer literally should have everything at his fingertips without having to move an inch from the comfortable confines of his home or office. 

How does one ensure that? App Development is the answer. 

However, for us at Big Trunk, App development is a part of a bigger customer engagement and retention strategy. From customer acquisition to onboarding, sales, and engagement, as well as loyalty and retention, the mobile app is the hub where the customer and the brand constantly meet. 

We have built capabilities across hybrid apps, native apps, and progressive web apps to enable our brands to create the most efficient, contextual, and immersive customer experience. With our marketing capabilities, we have built curated customer journeys across customer segments through notifications and in-app messaging.  

NOW - The “Big Trunk” Approach for App Development

At Big Trunk, our approach for app development is called NOW. Why? you may think. Because that is exactly how we would like our brands to connect with their customers and serve them.

Navigate the Digital journey of the customer to create an unparalleled app experience

We design the blueprint of the customer to understand points of interaction with the brand, the exchange of information at these points, the demographic and behavior patterns of the customers, and so on. Once we finalize the Information flow, architecture, and navigation, we create a mobile app for the customer’s brand. Our technology teams comprise specialized units across native, hybrid, and progressive web apps.

Offer constant updates based on customer preferences and understanding

Once the app is built, we create an end-to-end customer journey and enhance the experience at each point of interaction. From onboarding to awareness to sales and support services, we ensure the creation of a consistent customer experience. We often bucket the customers as per their preferences and traits and curate notifications to continually enhance the experience.

Win the customer’s loyalty by ensuring repeat visits and enhanced interaction per visit

Once the customer has logged into our app, we work on enhancing metrics such as repeat visits and interaction time per visit. This enables the brands we serve to enhance their monthly active users (MAU) and daily active users (DAU).

The benefits of augmenting such metrics are obvious. Furthermore, we add contests, opinion polls, games, etc. to ensure that the customers keep coming back, and hence, customer loyalty is maintained well.

our services

Mobile App consultation

Our experts in the Mobile Apps team have worked with a variety of brands across sectors and modes such as B2C, B2B2C and B2B. The wealth of knowledge gained with this experience can be very useful when you strategize and create a blueprint for building a mobile app. Our consultation services for mobile app will enable you to identify the best practices across sectors, build a curated, customized, and immersive user experience across mobile devices for your brand and enhance sales and brand loyalty in the process.

Android App Development

More than 90% of the users in the Indian market use Android powered smartphones. Hence, it is not only important to develop a good Android app but also constantly update and upgrade it to ensure that the latest and the best from the Android stable is available for the brands we serve. Our Android App Development team with diverse experience across multiple brands is well poised to not only develop the app for you, but also recommend the best approaches and maintain your app post development. The result is the creation of the most seamless user experience – one of the most important differentiators between great brands and their competitors in the digital age.

iOS App Development

While iOS powered smartphones may comprise only a minority of the market, the iOS smartphones are used by more affluent users with higher spending capacities. Hence, the lifetime value (LTV) per iOS user may be much higher.

Such users would expect a seamless user experience. The development of native iOS apps for your brand is critical and we bring in expertise and experience of having successfully built iOS-based apps. By leveraging our capabilities across Android and iOS, brands that we serve have ensured that more than 95% of their audience is always successfully engaged.

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