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You Bring Objectives and Goals. We bring Passion and all things Digital. Together, we create a Brand that is Loved.

We transform the brand by aligning its culture, values, and proposition with the way it communicates digitally to invoke a simple yet powerful reaction from its customers – “Trust”.

Strategy – What is your first reaction to the word? What would you say if a marketing communications company says that they can do “Digital Strategy” for you? 

At Big Trunk, we replace the “for” and use “with” instead.

We can curate the Digital Strategy with you through a series of planned and casual interactions as well as observations. We get a lot of ideas by simply observing our clients at work and how they go about their business. We believe in the power of observation and the unspoken yet invaluable insights that it offers to embellish the brand proposition.  

Is that all we do? No. That is our starting point for we believe that Strategy and Planning without perfect execution is a nightmare. We want our clients to enjoy just the opposite – Peaceful sleep and “pleasant-dream” like results for their digital endeavors. Hence, we do not leave the execution of our Digital Strategy and Planning to anyone else. We do it ourselves. 

LEAP - The “Big Trunk” Approach for Digital Strategy and Planning

At Big Trunk, we have a comprehensive approach when it comes to Digital Strategy and Planning. We call it LEAP.

Learn about our Client’s business, brand objectives, and expectations from Digital

We spend quality time to understand our client’s business and brand objectives rather than jumping on to “Strategy” on Day 1. The time spent includes workshops, formal interaction through questionnaires, casual coffee conversations, etc. wherein we garner as much insight as possible. We believe in the power of observation and try to pick a lot of things just by observing our client’s at work. These insight-rich interactions form the fodder for a good blueprint – the building blocks of our Digital Strategy and Plan.

Examine their digital standing and their social presence

Equipped with the knowledge of the client, we leapfrog to understanding similar things about the competitors, the industry in general and how our client fits in. We create graphs and quadrants to see where our client fits in the overall scheme of things and what’s our client’s niche and USP vis-à-vis the competition. This is followed by an audit of their digital presence. This comprehensive audit covers Website, SEO, social handles audit, communication across digital channels, use of technology and automation, creative efficiency etc. We sum up these parameters into what we call as the “Digital Quotient”.

Advice on communication, messaging, campaign ideas, channels, and creative development

Equipped with detailed insights about the client, the competitors, the industry it operates in, and its current digital quotient, we rework the blueprint to create a complete Digital Strategy and Plan. It is equipped with our understanding of the client’s objectives and target audience, the proposed campaign ideas, the messaging and creative across channels, and the expected results. We also mention how we monitor the results and work collaboratively with the client to attain those results.

Plan and execute 360-degree omnichannel digital campaigns to create unique “high-recall” customer experiences

Like we said, the Digital Strategy and Plan is in complete coherence with the client. Even before the first creative is rolled out, we ensure that the client is completely aligned with our action plan. What follows is a 360-degree omnichannel digital campaign for the client. Look at it from the other side of the table and it translates into unique, contextual, and curated experiences for the customer. The immersive experience across channels create not only great recall but also act as perception enhancers and harbingers of trust, reliability, dependability, and excellence. How useful are a strategy and plan if you cannot measure its effectiveness? If you are thinking on these lines, we completely agree with you. We work with the clients to agree on a set of measurement metrics much before the initiation of our digital campaigns. Our execution energies are channelized towards the attainment of the desired results which increase the probability of success of the Digital Strategy and Plan itself.

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