Influencer Marketing

Most Popular experts talking positive about your brand… Do you like the sound of it?

We enable your brand story to be conveyed through the most apt and popular storytellers.

Resonate. Yes, that’s the word. 

Your brand must resonate with the target audience and strike a chord with them. When a credible third-party does this, it is more effective and real. We call these people “influencers”. The digital and social media explosion has created influencers across categories that were unheard of a few years ago. 

The power of internet and smartphone penetration has enabled people to transform their knowledge, skills and niche ability into viewership and fan following. Social media platforms have created new-age influencers who can reach out to millions of people with just a tweet, or a social media post. Smart brands are diverting their marketing dollars into tapping these influencers to enable wider reach, lesser costs, and better RoI. More importantly, the niche areas that an influencer specializes in enables brands to target their audience with better focus and garner higher levels of engagement. 

Wouldn’t it be interesting to have an expert influencer on cooking with millions of fans advertising for a new noodles brand that you may want to launch? For every such product, there is an apt social media influencer that brands must discover. 

That’s where we come in. Brands must focus on their core product or service, operations, and customer engagement. We enable them to find the right influencers, negotiate the best deals, and ensure the best possible influencer marketing RoI.

CARE - The “Big Trunk” Approach for Influencer Marketing

Our approach to Influencer Marketing is all about CARE and we have our reasons to believe that it works well for our clients:

Create and define the brand personality

Your brand has a personality and so does the influencer. If it doesn’t align, it is a definite recipe for marketing hara-kiri. How do brands avoid this?

We, at Big Trunk, spend time with the brands to understand their personality or the perception they wish to create in the customer's mind. This enables us to create a brand’s persona in our heads and this is the first step in Influencer Marketing for us.

Align these traits with a curated list of influencers to ensure the right fit

There are millions of influencers on the internet. Of course, there are known celebrities which include film stars, cricketers, and the likes. Then, there are those who are famous as chefs, bakers, photographers, motivational speakers, etc.

We align the traits of the brand with these influencers to zero-in on a set of three to five most relevant influencer for the brand who is an absolute right fit as per your brand’s personality and influencer marketing budget.

Research and Analyze Influencers digital footprint and activities

With influencer marketing, we believe it is of utmost critical to analyze the digital footprint and activities of the influencers. Do they have a clean image? Were they involved in controversies?

Do they market similar competing brands? etc. For our clients, the brand is sacrosanct and we ensure that a thorough check is done before we recommend them to associate with an influencer.

Execute a well-crafted Influencer Marketing Plan

Once we, as well as the client, agree on the Influencer to align with, we create a plan to leverage the influencer optimally. Influencers should be used at critical moments in the brand's journey. It may range from new product launches to accelerating growth in certain territories or encash on specific events which leads to huge sales and business potential.

We create these well-thought-out plans, manage engagement and commercials with the influencer, and ensure that the deliverables are executed as per plan. Most importantly, we ensure periodic RoI measurements on influencer marketing investments which acts as a guide for us to enhance results.

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