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Creating immersive and contextual experiences on the customer’s smartphone for your brand!

We ensure that your brand is in front of the customer when they need it most!

Digital has taken convergence to a whole new level. The distance between you and your customer is about 10 inches – that is the distance between her eyes and her smartphone. The battlefield has shifted to that small smartphone screen. Can you be there when your customer wants exactly what you have to offer?

We try to understand your brand and a typical day in the life of its customers and target audience. We, then, try to arrive at avenues on the smartphone where we can not only enable your brand to meet this customer but also engage him in the most immersive manner. It is not just about mobile ads. We try to create thought-provoking pieces such as games, opinion polls, etc. which get the customer thinking and immersed in the process. 

The thought-provoking advertisement copy and creativity enables us to successfully divert customers with the intent on a landing page wherein the desired call to action awaits the customer. We also use this page to convert the targeted audience into a customer. It also enables us to keep tracking the customer across relevant pages and enhance our display network RoI for the brand. 

If the desired action leads to an app download, we curate the entire customer journey for the brand. This begins from onboarding the customer to welcoming her and getting her acquainted with the brand. Through mobile app notifications that are written and designed with great care, we catapult customer engagement to a very high level. Engaged customers ensure business acceleration, brand recall, and good referrals.

SOAR - The “Big Trunk” Approach for Mobile Marketing

Our Big Trunk Approach is to enable your brand to SOAR by using Mobile marketing as a key weapon. This is how we do it:

Strategize with the brand custodians and define goals

With mobile marketing, the idea is to capture the attention of the customer when they want you. The secret sauce to mobile marketing is to gain the attention and mindshare of the customer at a point when their positive intent with regards to buying your brand is the highest.

While it can be easily elicited, it requires detailed deliberation and planning to execute the same. Our team of mobile marketing experts brainstorm with the brand’s custodians and go through lots of diverse perspectives and viewpoints before arriving at the goals that the brand would want to attain through its mobile marketing efforts.

Optimization of the charter into clearly defined creative and publishing processes

The charter or blueprint that comes from the above deliberations leads to thought-provoking creatives and engagement pegs. These creatives are placed where the customer would ideally frequent. Our creative and media buying teams collaborate to ensure that well-researched avenues that garner heightened attention and frequency of visits from your brand’s target audience and customers are used to showcasing your brand digitally. That takes care of contextuality.

The advertisements in the form of animated banners, virtual games, polls, or call-to-action pieces that require the user to engage further make it immersive.

The result is that the customer is strategically guided to a landing page or an app download from where a curated user journey begins, and the customer and the brand get very well accustomed to each other.

Analyse and Define the customer’s journey

Once the customer is taken through a landing page or through a mobile app, we ensure that the right notifications go out to the customer periodically. A brand can thus ensure that the customer is a part of its daily journey and is communicated to multiple times during the day or week.

This level of engagement ensures the highest brand recall and the customers are highly likely to place your brand at the top of their minds when they seek a service that they associate with your brand. This leads to enhanced sales and digital “word-of-mouth” which is very critical for brands to flourish.

Review customer’s interactions with the brand and refine messaging strategies

The customer’s interaction and response to each notification, or landing page is captured. With technology and marketing automation, we ensure that the customer’s response and reactions are measured, and the subsequent campaigns and mobile marketing initiatives are fine-tuned.

Great brands are built when they listen to the customer and understand their pulse well. With mobile marketing, the customer willingly and consciously empowers your brand with rich insights about herself – insights that you could use to transform a set of customers into a community of evangelists for your brand. Once you leverage mobile marketing for that, the benefits in terms of business acceleration and brand recall are obvious.

our services

  • 01.
    Concise, contextual, and creative. Our push-notifications based on these enhance customer engagement and stickiness.
  • 02.
    Enhance In-App experiences for your brand. That is the most vital competitive edge in the digital world.
  • 03.
    Ensure visually appealing messages for inducing a call-to-action with creatively curated MMS based outreach.
  • 04.
    Don’t miss the huge gaming market. Create subtle yet prominent brand presence without dampening the gaming experiences.
  • 05.
    Target the customer at an intent rich moment as per his or her location to augment sales, engagement, and recall.

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