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We enable the customer to create the exact perception of you that you desire to create!

We enable your brand to receive the respect that it richly deserves.

“You are being watched.” Well, if this sends jitters down your spine, brands are living this existence 24*7*365. A brand is no less than a celebrity and digital media has created an army of paparazzi, often with no face, comfortably hidden under the vast social media blanket. 

Your brand’s digital reputation is of utmost critical today. A good reputation is a key to business growth and brand loyalty. However, it is constantly under threat and is as strong or weak as the latest irked customer or a creative Twitter user, or a paid meme creator. So, how does one ensure a positive brand image across digital channels? 

 At Big Trunk, we enable you to create a brand that shows up with Dignity. Dignified brands, like dignified personalities, understand when to respond and how. ORM is about treating every feedback (positive and negative) with equal poise, charm, and dignity. We can help you do just that.

LEAD - The “Big Trunk” Approach for Online Reputation Management

Our Big Trunk Approach is to listen to everyone and respond aptly. We call it “LEAD”.

Listen to the customer talk about your brand

present where your customers congregate digitally. We carefully listen to everything that is said about the brand and derive razor-sharp insights into the customer’s perception about your brand. It is a treasure trove of information about operations, quality, customer satisfaction etc. It is the most cost-effective form of market research that is unstructured yet efficient and enables brands to improve every aspect of their business. We efficiently convert the unstructured banter (including talk around relevant keywords) into a structured agenda for enhancement and engagement to enable you to drive all your business metrics – northwards.

Evaluate and separate the “voice” from the “noise”

With our ORM practices, we have enabled our teams to separate the constructive comments and criticism from the ones which are intentionally malicious or lack a positive intent. Our analysis helps us to divide these into three buckets namely positive feedback, constructive criticism, and malicious and negative intent. Our team ensures that each one is addressed distinctly with the apt treatment that it deserves.

Analyse buckets and create distinct responses within the overall Reputation Management Charter

Before we set out on the ORM journey, we spend quality time with the brand’s custodians (the CEO, the managers of the brands and other associates) to understand the virtues that make their brand look dignified as well as attentive and responsive to their customers. The inputs are transformed into a blueprint which guides our response management.

We ensure ideal responses across the ecosystem – covering websites, social media forums, micro-blogging platforms, video-streaming sites, price comparison and customer review sites etc. As for the three buckets mentioned, we graciously accept the positive comments. We acknowledge and address the negative comments from an irked customer to convert it into a positive scenario which enables us to showcase your brand’s customer-centricity and responsiveness. The comments with malicious intent and propaganda is what we sieve through with our responses and then weed it completely out of the digital ecosystem if we are assured that the intent is to intentionally inflict damage and reputation loss.

Distinguish your brand’s image from the competition

We make your brand look dignified and completely in alignment with your vision and values. This creates a perception of your brand being honest and trustworthy. It converts directly to business acceleration and positive referrals.

At the same time, we keep all comments and reviews with malicious intent at bay and away from your genuine customers so that the community of your brand’s evangelists is completely safeguarded. We continually improve our listening and response skills to ensure that this community keeps growing by the day.

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    This includes establishing thought leadership, improving response and turnaround times, and proactively averting any crisis or controversy. Through listening, we also analyse the reputation of the brand across digital channels, target markets, and use the insights to enhance customer engagement and retention.
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    It is critical to understand what the competitor is doing and if it is trying to malign your brand or its key proposition. We undertake competitor benchmarking and convert the learnings into improvements for your brand. We try to increase the share of voice of your brand, build better recall and engagement with industry influencers, and ensure that the brand participates in topical opportunities to come across as an aware, sensible, and responsible brand.
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    Your brand could be a market leader or a niche player in a specific category. Hence, it is important to listen to the conversations within the category and learn from it to improve various aspects of your brand. Our focused and well-defined category listening framework enables us to empower brands with rich insights in terms of product development, innovation, industry trends etc. It also enables us to generate leads and opportunities for the brands that we manage.

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