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We place you exactly where the search intent is!

We plan and execute SEM or Paid Marketing basis the keyword density. Consumer’s Intent. And therein lies the difference.

At Big Trunk, we believe that Search engine marketing (SEM) is more than just showing up when search keywords or phrases are typed in. 

SEM or Paid Marketing is all about studying the cognitive processes that describe the consumer’s intent in-depth. It involves pre-empting the verbiage or phrases that best relate to these intents and creating powerful messaging that connects strongly with the consumer. At Big Trunk, we want Paid Marketing to do a little more than just show up as Google Ads. 

The result – When the consumer searches with an intent to buy or experience a product or service, we will place your brand right at the top of the search results. The very fabric of our SEM or paid marketing services is to be a matching engine that fulfils the desire or want for your product or service. Google Ads, Bing Ads – we augment the SEM value and return on paid marketing for our customers across search engines. 

We ensure that your product or service shows up where it is contextual. The result is relevant traffic, higher ratio or prospect to consumer conversions, sales augmentation, and brand recall. 

INTENT - The “Big Trunk” Approach for Search Engine Marketing

Our SEM approach is a judicious mix of science, art, and psychology. Here is how we describe it:

Identify what the target customer seeks from your product/service

We love to travel the last mile in the consumer’s mind. It helps us understand the basic need and the value that your product/service addresses for its target audience.

Nurture this need till it leads to a concept

We keep looking at this need from multiple dimensions and angles to arrive at a concept that will resonate perfectly with the consumers of the product/service.

Transform this concept into a creative idea

The concept leads to a creative idea that enlists how the concept should be positioned. The creative idea is converted into an Anchor messaging document. The Anchor messaging document comprises multiple messaging ideas which can be individually used later as well.

Extract the relevant keywords from this Anchor Messaging Document

From this Anchor messaging Document, we extract the relevant keywords and arrange them in descending order of “intent” richness.

Nourish the idea to align with client’s SEM objectives

We then align the intent rich keywords with the client’s SEM objectives to create copy/content that forms the bedrock of any SEM campaign.

Transform it into a high-performance SEM campaign

We finally transform it into a high-performance ad campaign by applying techniques such as A/B testing ideas, optimization of the campaign, and local search management across mediums to create a consistent omnichannel experience.

our services

  • Intent Based Keyword Research
  • SEM Campaign Creation - Ideation and Dipstick and Management
  • SEM Campaigns Tracking, Analysis and Recommendations
  • Bid Management and Paid Search
  • Local Search Management

additional services

  • 01.
    We perform a thorough analysis of your current paid search campaign and recommend a stepwise improvisation plan. We also implement the recommendation to ensure that it enhances search visibility of your product or service.
  • 02.
    We have built systems that can monitor anomalies in paid clicks and prevent click-bots from lowering effectiveness of your campaigns and diminishing your digital marketing RoI.
  • 03.
    We create a curated customer journey based on continuous analysis of the browsing behaviour, purchase intents and decisions and post-purchase interactions of your customers with your brand.

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