Social Media Marketing

Make them love your brand. They will drive your business.

We create Brand Evangelists digitally. It is that simple.

Social Media marketing – Is it just about the followers? Is it also about their affinity to your product or service and the engagement that you are able to strike with them on social media? 

How relevant are your followers? How do they further influence the ecosystem? The answer to these questions will enable you to create a brand with great recall. 

How important is your product/ service in the lives of your target audience? And how many of those are your brand’s digital evangelists? 

This is where we begin our journey as a social media agency. We curate experiences on social media that sieve the noise and engage the target audience of your product or service.

This technique enables us to increasingly enhance the ratio of owned media (free posts) to paid media (social media ads) and drives better RoI from your social media investments. Converting the owned media engagement to business prospects and brand recall is our key forte.

ENGAGE - The “Big Trunk” Approach for Social Media Marketing

We transform social media presence into business growth and brand recall using our approach as follows:

Enhance knowledge of client’s business and objectives

We thoroughly understand what our clients do and the impact their product/service has on their customers. This understanding and deliberation with our client translate to social media objectives - both near-term and long term.

Narrow down the target segments, the messaging and positioning

We love to get into the brains of the customers targeted by our clients. We identify, learn, analyze, and bucket them into micro-segments and super segments even before conceptualizing our first social media post.

Gauge the apt social media channels for effective digital presence and recall

To convert all content ideas into a post and put it across all social media handles is not our strategy. We endeavor to strike a balance between quality and quantity and prepare a social media calendar accordingly. This strategy factors in the ideal social media channels and the frequency of posts per channel.

Amplify the messaging across channels with well-created posts

The creative, content and design teams get into action to create visuals that attract the eyeballs of the target audience and subsequently the mindshare. With relying on infographics, carousels, animation, and a lot of other tricks to captivate the audience.

Gather relevant insights and analytics about engagement, demographics, etc.

Every like, share, comment, or call to action fulfilled is an input for us. We deposit that into our knowledge arsenal to sharpen the social media armory of our clients.

Examine results and re-amplify the most engaging pieces of content

We sieve the most engaging content pieces and fine-tune our social media calendar for our clients based on the insights and results. Hence, our campaigns and ability to enhance stickiness across the target audience increases with each passing month after our clients bring us on board.

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