• December 22, 2021
  • 4 Mins Read

SEO requirements and trends are always evolving, which means that knowing the latest SEO trends in 2022, will be crucial to improve your brand’s search rankings and website traffic. Keeping up with the latest Google algorithm updates and providing the best user experience is key to keeping up with these trends. Here are a few of the SEO trends in 2022 that we will see:

1. Mobile-friendliness is the game to conquer
The more mobile-friendly your website is, the better your SEO rankings will be in the future. People have shifted from big screens on their PCs to browsing on their phones. Hence, if you design a mobile-friendly website, you are opening up your website to a larger audience. The audience will prefer your website over other similar ones, which would help in boosting your SEO. This is one of the latest SEO trends that will certainly gain more traction in the coming year. Being one of the leading SEO companies in Andheri, Big Trunk has always looked at implementing latest methodologies to make websites more mobile-friendly and thus improve SEO rankings.

2. Long-form content is back!
Content that is long and engaging, increases the time a person spends on your website and hence improves your ranking. However, the key to this, is that you create content that is always engaging, to keep the audiences on your website. Don’t exaggerate your content, instead make sure that none of your content is repeated and you have something new to say every moment to keep your audience engaged. If you are looking for SEO companies in Andheri, then Big Trunk is where you will find an effective SEO plan along with a content creation strategy to support the plan.

3.‘EAT’ well
Google follows the ‘EAT’ method to evaluate any website. EAT stands for, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. It assesses if your content is correct, reliable, and rich since Google identifies web pages offering misleading, poor, and erroneous content.

4. Artificial intelligence is here!
AI or Artificial intelligence is a constant game-changer in how people interact with their content online. Soon, AI will also begin to play a key role in SEO strategy. Google’s AI algorithm called Rank Brain is also rumored to become the most important ranking factor for Google’s SERPs in 2022.
While re-evaluating your SEO strategies and behaviors, you need to create content that is well organized and impactful to engage your audience.

5. Chatbots- our new friends
Be it Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, or Microsoft’s Cortana, chatbots have revolutionized our search behaviors. Moreover, chatbots are actively used as customer service representatives since they make the whole user experience better and give your website visitors a quick answer to all their queries, no matter what time it is. This enhances the trust your audiences have, and they make sure to visit again.

As search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, improve their algorithms, latest SEO trends will also keep evolving. Depending on new technology, algorithms keep changing, and hence SEO trends keep upgrading. To ace your SEO game, you need to be aware of all the upcoming trends.


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