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Why Composition is an important element of a photograph

  • September 2, 2022
  • 5 Mins Read

Whether you are starting photography as a hobby, passion or as a career, learning few composition tricks will set you on the right path. In the photography, composition is the heart of photography. When you take a picture, you are making choices about what to include in your frame and what to exclude. You are also taking the time to arrange your objects to create interest and communicate something meaningful that makes sense to others. Therefore, a careful selection of the field is necessary. Trying to use a ‘feature’ and a ‘salient point’ in the photograph can impress the viewer. Let’s take a look at some key elements of composition to make your next picture an extraordinary one! Unlike a pure creative agency in Mumbai, at BigTrunk we offer integrated digital + creative marketing solutions through impactful visuals, and digital films while always looking at inspiration and innovative ways to tell our visual stories.


A well-structured picture gives a good weightage to the primary subject.  Choose one main centre of interest and ensure it’s placed in a suitable and strong position. Too many objects are a big no, as it can distract the viewer’s attention from the main subject.

Never place the main subject right in the center. It Is best to use the rule of thirds, i.e., divide the picture area, vertically and horizontally into three parts. This way, you get four points of intersection, and any of these points are good for the placement of your main subject.

While clicking a picture with action, allow more space in front, towards the direction of the movement. Similarly, in portraits, leave more space towards the side in which the sitter is looking. Although we are a digital-first agency, we also focus on exploring multiple creative routes while executing our projects like any other creative agency in Mumbai.


In a photograph composition, a point is the simplest element. A point is a small area or intersection between two areas of interest. Points draw our attention and add interest to a particular area as they help give a photo a good structure.


In contrast to points, which are decisive and isolate one part of an image from another, lines tend to be more open. They lead the viewer’s eye into the image much like a line of text does in a written piece of work. Lines can also function as borders between elements or divisions within a scene – for example between sky and earth, background and foreground or even help demarcate areas within your frame that differ tonally. In landscape photography, always keep the horizon line either below or above the center of the picture and never in the middle.


Shapes can be anything, such as a crescent moon or a heart. Each shape leaves its emotional impact on a photo and it has the power to attract our attention. Remember that shapes are very powerful in drawing our eye – especially simple shapes like animals in nature, as well as scenes of human interaction. It’s important when composing your photos to pay attention to different kinds of shapes so you know how they affect your mood! Being a digital marketing agency with a creative bend, we follow all the guidelines for ensuring that your creatives look balanced, beautiful and impactful.


Tone is another important element of composition, both for individual objects and the photograph as a whole. The tone in a photo can be described as hues, the intensity of color, brightness and darkness, and contrast. It is good to have well-balanced tonal gradations in proper order. Photographs which are darker tend to obscure more of your subject, giving it a mysterious and intense appearance. Brighter photos aren’t as mysterious but they’re more ethereal.

Composition can make the difference between a good photograph and a great photograph. It is the way you arrange your subject within the frame of the picture and it can tell a story. The more you learn about it, your photography skills will get better along with it. Happy Shooting!

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