Digital Media Planner

  • July 19, 2021
  • 2 Mins Read

Job Description: –

  1. 3+ years of experience as a digital media planner
  2. An Expert-level Digital Media and Growth Marketing practitioner that’s managed some serious ad spends and helped companies achieve the Digital Marketing targets (3+ years of experience)
  3. Wide understanding of digital marketing solutions including digital and programmatic advertising, web and mobile sites, social media, SEO & SEM, digital media, CRM, e-commerce, technology, and analytics
  4. Participates in development and management of effective integrated media plans and buys
  5. Develops objectives, strategies, plans and presentations.
  6. Maintains media plans including changes, budgeting, execution, reporting, optimization and invoice reconciliation.
  7. Ensures account and creative team is apprised of changes to the placements by
    producing the Creative and Specs Worksheet.
  8. Develops and executes paid search campaign recommendations and optimizations in Google Adwords.
  9. Stays apprised of industry standards, new media programs/opportunities and can advise on new ways to reach targets.
  10. Develops and fosters strong relationships with media partners.
  11. Evaluates media opportunities and presents media plans and/or POV’s clearly in writing and orally.
  12. Analysis web metrics, provides campaign effectiveness reports to clients, and recommends optimizations when appropriate to improve media performance.
  13. Handles all digital media billing using monthly tracking reports and invoice reconciliation.
  14. Familiarity with campaign evaluation metrics and media buying


  1. Excellent communication and teamwork skills
  2. Working knowledge of analytics tools (e.g., ComScore, MOAT, Nielsen IMS, IRS)
  3. Ability to work effectively under pressure
  4. Strong analytical and organizational skills
  5. Deeply analytical mind with an aptitude for statistics and math