website design and development

We create an immersive, interactive, and charming evangelist for your brand. We call it the website.

We transform every relevant visitor on your digital channels into a customer and brand loyalist. Period.

Envision this. We are about to help you hire a Sales and Marketing Expert for your brand who will work for you at virtually no cost, promote your brand relentlessly and persistently follow-up with your target audience till they become your customers. What’s more, it will constantly engage the customers and lend a helping hand whenever required. 

Does it sound surreal? Well, it’s not. We make it happen. We call it the website. 

The website is not just your brand’s identity. In today’s digital age, it is the digital system that takes potential and relevant visitors as input and transforms them to deliver customers and brand loyalists as output. The website is on 24*7*365 and it is the best employee you can have. Why not incentivize it to drive your business and brand recall higher?

For us at Big Trunk, Website Design and Development stands with identifying the brand ethos. What does your brand stand for? How do you want it to be perceived? What is the problem you are trying to solve?

The answers to all these questions are great fodder that satiates our curiosity about your brand and help us to build a website. We begin with a sitemap and create overall information architecture. 

The next step is to create seamless navigation and content that is well-aligned with the customer’s needs and search intent. We make it as immersive and conversational as possible by using multimedia assets including images, videos, podcasts, and myriad formats including gifs, carousels, etc. 

The websites we built are carefully crafted to address the four important facets which enable brands to drive business and brand value – Attract, Engage, Convert, and Retain. 

ACE - The “Big Trunk” Approach for Website Design and Development

Our approach to Website Design and Development can be summed up in two words – Simple and Sustainable.

Analyse and audit current digital presence and acquire a deep understanding of the brand

Our first step is an audit. We apply our learnings to the new brands that we collaborate with. The audit enables us to superimpose our learnings and experience to identify gaps and prepare a list of addressable points.

Simultaneously, we settle for nothing less than a detailed digital workshop with our customers. This is to understand their brand, its values, its objectives, the communication, and position strategy etc. We believe these are important steps before we hit the drawing board to reimagine your digital presence and create your website.

Create Information Architecture, Navigation Seamlessness and Creative Content

When we create your website, we begin with the information architecture. Our understanding from the above step translates into the information architecture which is essentially the blueprint for your website. We are firm believers of instant information availability and we build the Navigation experience accordingly. This ensures that your customers will not have to click more than twice to arrive at any publicly available content they wish to access for your brand.

Engage the traffic and convert it into meaningful metrics for your brand and business

Once the architecture and navigation are finalized, we curate an experience for your customers. The experience comprises rich and relatable content, immersive designs and graphics, and interactive communication pegs. This strengthens the connection between the brand and the relevant target audience. Business acceleration and brand loyalty simply follow once we get this right.

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