digital media planning and buying

We place your brand at the intersection of the customer and his digital interface!

We create consistent omni-channel experiences for the customers of our clients. The result is brand loyalty and recall.

By the way, the process involves Digital Media Planning & Buying done by a passionate team with focused expertise across channels and devices with the finest eye for detail. 

So, tell us who is your target audience? Help us know a little more about them. Their likes, preferences, patterns of digital interaction? What devices do they use? What channels do they frequent? … the questions go on and this is what a carefully curated session with our clients sounds like.

It helps us to understand their vision, goals and expected results.

APT - The “Big Trunk” Approach for Digital Media Planning and Buying

Our approach to Digital Media Planning and Buying is an engine which we continually improve till we get it right and make it the apt strategy for your digital marketing. Here is how we describe it:

Accurate Analysis of Client Goals, Target Audience, Device, and Channel Efficiencies

For us, Digital Media Planning and Buying begins much before the actual planning or buying. We engage with the customer through workshops and informal sessions until the values of their brand and the pulse of their customers are ingrained in us. The first step for us is to build crystal clear understanding and sharp insights about most aspects of customers of our client brands, the channels they frequent, etc., and map it with the client’s objectives and goals. This consumes time but adds immense value and enables our clients to drive unprecedented RoI. We use our proprietary tools for the analysis process and rely on paid tools when required.

Preparation to identify the ideal confluence of brand messaging, channel, and customer presence

Based on the in-depth understanding of the brand we serve and its end-customers, we perform a dipstick to validate multiple hypotheses about the brand’s end-customers, their device mix, channel preferences, content consumption patterns, preferred browsing times, average time spent on digital devices, demographic attributes, etc. Our Digital Media Planning and Buying unit has the capability to fuse together an ideal fusion of channels with customer presence corresponding to the brand’s positioning, messaging, and demographics. Our expert media buyers and planners have been getting this mix right for diverse customers across industry verticals. Empowered with these specific insights in their arsenal, our team digs into our own armory of past experiences and learnings to create a comprehensive and performance-oriented marketing plan.

Transformational Digital Experiences that instill trust and build a strong brand evangelist

We believe that we are the custodians of our client’s digital marketing budgets and use them wisely to attain desired results. Hence, the media buying team and the creative teamwork as one unit to create the most transformational and immersive omnichannel experiences for the end-customers of our clients. We are confident that this “Experience” will not only grab eyeballs but seep into the mindshare and the psyche of these customers and accelerate intended results for our clients. We enable our clients to enhance brand recall and build a strong evangelist base for themselves.

our services

  • 01.
    Place your brand across relevant search results, Google Display Network, YouTube ads etc. and be seen during a relevant shopping search with intent.
  • 02.
    Be seen across the right social media channels - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Snapchat, TikTok etc. at the right time.
  • 03.
    Enjoy real-time and automated ad inventory management across channels including digital out-of-home (DOOH), OTT platforms, TV, and video streaming platforms.
  • 04.
    Grab the attention and interest of a myriad of potential customers with targeted marketing for better conversions.
  • 05.
    Enhance brand engagement and interaction with customers through interactive video ads.
  • 06.
    Showcase your brand across ubiquitous e-commerce portals and niche/category players to enable business acceleration.
  • 07.
    Enhance in-app engagement with our immersive mobile ad creatives and engagement capabilities.
  • 08.
    Experience the delight of catching your customers right outside your stores/point of presence – digitally.
  • 09.
    Ensure a responsive, and consistent transitioning of your brand communication from TV to more engaging mediums such as mobile.
  • 10.
    Interact with customers constantly and consistently through our push-notifications or in-app notifications.
  • 11.
    Result oriented integrated communication across email and SMS, enhances your outreach to target audience, prospects, and customers.
  • 12.
    Garner very high visibility across OTT platforms which are gaining unprecedented traction in the post COVID-19 new normal.
  • 13.
    Augment your RoI from influencers by ensuring the apt influencer-channel-messaging mix.
  • 14.
    Create consistent content (write-ups, images and animation, video, audio, podcasts etc.) to ensure appropriate messaging and enhance brand recall.
  • 15.
    Be seen in relevant social media feeds, recommended content etc. that capture intent-rich micro-moments of your target audience through native ad networks such as Colombia, Taboola and Outbrain.

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