7 Ways to Make Your Facebook Ads More Effective

  • July 20, 2021
  • 5 Mins Read

Over the last few months, Facebook Ads have evolved considerably to incorporate features that are aimed at improving your audience targeting strategies to the next level. The bundle of refreshing upgrades includes new ad types, new placements, tools, and last but not the least – machine learning, the next big thing in the world of online marketing. If you are still following a traditional approach for implementing your Facebook ads campaign, then you’re definitely missing out on an opportunity to improve your ROI through these new ingenious offerings. Let’s take you through some interesting insights and tips that will help you achieve your marketing objectives.

  1. Unleash the Power of Machine Learning with Power 5

Now, you won’t have to fret about optimizing your ads manually, as Facebook’s machine learning algorithms can do it for you on the fly with its automated ad tactics. With this new feature, the advertiser has the power to choose from multiple ad placements while the algorithm will display your ads based on performance. Not just that, the algorithm is also intelligent enough to adjust your budget and utilize it on the best performing ads. This saves you a lot of valuable time which can be further invested in creating better ad creatives and testing.

  1. Initiate Targeted Conversations with Click-to-Messenger Facebook Ads

This is another innovative feature, where the user is redirected to Facebook Messenger instead of the website upon clicking the call-to-action button featured on the ad. There are chances that you might lose a potential customer by redirecting him/her to an informative website. They would rather find it more convenient to send in their enquiries through the messenger. Moreover, these unique ads have the lowest cost per acquisition with respect to conversion campaigns, traffic etc.

  1. Run Instagram Story Placements

Instagram Story ads have become extremely popular in recent times because the platform leverages better engagement levels.  It has the lowest cost per impression amongst all other Facebook ad placements, however, Instagram stories are viewed by millions of users each day. It’s important to note here that the Instagram Story format is vertically oriented and includes text, emojis or GIFs. The “Swipe-Up” Feature can be used intelligently to redirect the user to a landing page.

  1. Dynamic Creatives for Better Optimization

One of the most effective Power 5 tools, is the Dynamic Ad Creative tool that tests the performance of your ad by analyzing which combination of creative works best for you. You’ve got the option to input various images/videos and copies while Facebook will choose the best combination dynamically for you on a real-time basis to optimize your ads.

  1. Automate Budgeting with Campaign Bidding Optimization (CBO)

Allocating and redistributing budgets manually can be cumbersome and may not help you optimize your campaign bidding effectively. Another exciting feature of Power 5 is the Campaign Budget Optimization algorithm which manages your campaign budget by allocating and adjusting the same among the top-performing ads.

  1. Compare, Research and Review Using Facebook Ads Library

The Facebook Ads Library allows any user to search a database of live ads to bring in more transparency. By using this tool, you can research and review how your competitors are running their ads and understand which of them are being displayed for a longer time. You can also analyze the trends closely with this tool, which will further help you enhance your Facebook Ad strategies.

  1. Sponsored Message Remarketing Ads

Sponsored messages can be used wisely to target your existing Facebook Messenger contacts. These messages cannot be viewed on the Newsfeed and are more personal in nature. The best part is that these unique Facebook lead gen ads get a click-through rate that’s 10 times better than other Facebook ads.  It can also be used as a remarketing tool that engages with your loyal customers at regular intervals.

Going forward, tools that reap the benefits of machine learning and artificial intelligence are going to be the real game-changers for marketeers. We at Big Trunk constantly keep a track on the everchanging trends in the online marketing space to offer our clients innovative strategies that will help them utilize their advertising costs more effectively.


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