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Humanising Social Media Campaigns

  • July 7, 2022
  • 5 Mins Read

“This Cake Tastes Good. Please Eat it!”
Is this messaging tempting enough? Definitely not, right? Why? It, in fact, is a big turn off because it sounds too mechanical, salesy, and lifeless.

Well, how can you turn the table and make it relatable? By showing someone indulging in a melting hot chocolate cake, capturing her ecstatic state of mind.

It has been ages since social media entered and changed our lives. While trends on social media platforms have come and gone, one thing has always worked wonders – The Human Aspect of Marketing.

Social media has become a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. However, what most businesses miss is the human element, which can be difficult to put into place in an online environment. However, there are a few simple ways to add some personality to your interactions with customers via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Big Trunk has earned its name as one of the leading social media agencies in Mumbai that’s known for adding a human touch to marketing campaigns.

People like watching people
Be it the latest trends on Instagram Reels or viral memes that brands have resorted to, some of the most popular content has been relatable to people.

One of the best ways to listen in on social media is by using it to humanise your brand. Connect and communicate with consumers via the open, fun, and casual structure of social media channels where it’s relatively safe for quality feedback.

Take, for example, the recent advertisements for Flipkart, where children pose as adults to promote the offers. The advertisements are entertaining and leave a lasting impression because of the human nature that they bring along with them.

Apart from this, you can also consider the example of H&R Johnson’s #HappilyInnovating campaign, where Team Big Trunk explored how innovation redefines lifestyles. The campaign was centered on innovating spaces that are germ-free, safe, environment-friendly, and full of happiness, thus making the brand more relatable and humane.

To create stories that appeal to the masses, we must tell the story of those among us, because at the end of everything, people like watching people!

Spotlight on the Customer
Companies that use content marketing more strategically are going to be the ones that succeed in the long run. The best customer experience comes from brands that understand their customer and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep them happy. When it comes to content creation, it should always be about the customer experience and how it relates to the business and the brand. Make sure you’re intentional with the content you create so you can accomplish your business goals.

Consider the example of Tata Motors. When we think of Tata Motors, we are automatically convinced that they are a consumer-centric brand, which makes them trustworthy. While Tata Nano was not a hit with the masses, the Tatas were successful in proving that the common man is always in their mind while coming up with any product. This helped them, further drive the message of being consumer-centric.

Understand that the consumer must feel like they are your priority, because it helps them trust you better.

Sell the story and not the products
A big part of branding is getting your customers to buy into the story of your brand. People relate to stories, as they are easier to remember than facts. The story is the central piece of the brand, making up its personality, which is then communicated to the consumer with consistency. Consistency is important, as the consumer needs to know what to expect from the brand. If a consumer is expecting a happy story and the brand gives them a sad one, it will create a negative brand experience, which is a huge turn-off to consumers.

Take, for example, the #HappilyInnovating campaign by HR Johnson. It was about bringing out the aspect of how innovative HR Johnson is with their tiling products. But instead of telling the audience upfront that they sell tiles, they sold a story of #HappilyInnovating. The campaign centered around how HR Johnson’s innovative tiles have transformed lifestyles and spaces by being free from germs and stains. They created spaces with their tiles that reflected safety and care for the environment. The campaign was successful in promoting HR Johnson’s innovation as they talked about creating spaces that are full of happiness!

Over the years, BigTrunk has become as one of the most preferred social media agencies in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, etc. since we ensure that your content is relatable and engaging which can go a long way in humanizing your brand. Remember that your consumer is driven by their experiences and the stories of those around them.

Are you looking to humanize your brand on social media with a storytelling approach that resonates well with your consumers? Reach out to us, and together we can #MakeBigHappen


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